christmas-214988_640Halloween is done, we’ve all trick or treated, and we’ve gotten filled to the brim with a nice stock of candy to last us until Christmas.  Now, the biggest holiday of the year will be upon us within just a couple of months, and we all have to ask ourselves, are we ready?  I don’t mean that not only in the traditional sense, like are you ready to spend a boat load of money on your family’s Christmas gifts, but are you ready for it in the online business sense.

From the online business side of holiday preparation, we all have to make sure that our we are ready for a strong showing for during the months of November and December.  It’s during this time of year that you can expect to see a boost in sales, especially if you’ve done your homework and put a sturdy plan in to action.

As marketers, we shouldn’t, we can’t, put our heads in the snow.  As  says, failing to plan is planing to fail.  This is the crucial time for us to think and act on how we can ensure our digital marketing is on point.

Whether we are talking about online or offline marketing, we have to remember how people shop these days.  With the inclusion of smartphones in people’s shopping habits, people are wondering around aimlessly at the mall no more.  They can do all their shopping online, or at the very lease, use their smartphones to check out what is being sold at brick and mortar stores, and what kind of sales prices the can get those items for.

 has written an article for us that shows us 12 simple, actionable improvements that can be made that will help ensure that our shop, restaurant, or bar into a customer attraction that will surely draw people into your sales net.  To check out Marcus’ list, check out the following link below that will lead you to his Search Engine Land article.

Search Engine Land: SEO For Shops: The 12 Tips Of Xmas